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How to disassemble the connecting rod and piston of Cummins generator

Disassemble the connecting rod and piston assembly of the Cummins generator set:
1. Turn the Cummins engine so that the top of the cylinder block faces up, remove all carbon deposits on the upper part of the cylinder liner wall, polish it with a fine emery cloth, and clean the polished area thoroughly;
2. Remove the connecting rod bolts and cover;
Note: The connecting rod cover is fitted on the rod body with a positioning sleeve. When removing the connecting rod, turn the crankshaft slightly;
3. When taking out the connecting rod, be careful not to damage the cylinder liner; reassemble each connecting rod and its cover, and the side marked with the number on the connecting rod cover faces the side marked with the number on the shaft;
4. Use a special ST-1269 piston ring expander to remove the piston ring and replace it;
5. Remove the piston pin lock ring;
6. In order to facilitate the removal of the piston pin, heat the piston in hot water to about 93 degrees, use the thumb to push the piston pin out of the pin seat, and do not press the pin out of the piston vigorously or by knocking;
Note: When disassembling the connecting rod-piston assembly, do not damage the piston cooling nozzle, and carefully check the piston cooling nozzle to make sure it is not damaged.