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Cummins Lubricating Oil Pump 5313086

Cummins Lubricating Oil Pump 5313086


Cummins ISB Oil Pump 4897480 5313086 5273937
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Product Introduction

The Lubricating Oil Pump (part number 5313086) is a component of the engine lubrication system in a truck. Its main function is to circulate oil throughout the engine to reduce friction and wear between moving parts. The pump draws oil from the oil pan and forces it through the engine's passages and bearings, ensuring that all components are properly lubricated. This helps to prevent damage and extend the life of the engine. The pump is typically driven by a gear or chain connected to the crankshaft, ensuring that it operates at all times when the engine is running. Proper maintenance of this component is critical for optimal engine performance and longevity.
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