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Cummins Connecting Rod Cap Screw 4891179

Cummins Connecting Rod Cap Screw 4891179


Cummins ISDE ISBE QSB6.7 Engine Connecting Rod Cap Screw Bolt 4891179
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Product Introduction

The Connecting Rod Cap Screw with part number 4891179 is a crucial component of an engine's connecting rod assembly. This screw is responsible for holding the cap in place on the connecting rod, ensuring that it doesn't come loose during operation. Made from high-strength materials, these screws are designed to withstand the extreme pressures and forces generated by internal combustion engines. They are typically torqued to specific values during installation, ensuring that they provide a secure and reliable connection between the connecting rod cap and the rest of the engine. Without Connecting Rod Cap Screws, engines would not be able to function properly and may suffer catastrophic damage due to loose or faulty connections between components.
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