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Cummins Valve Tappet 3947759

Cummins Valve Tappet 3947759


ISF3.8 ISBe ISDe Engine Parts Valve Tappet 3947759
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Product Introduction

A valve tappet is a component of an internal combustion engine that helps to transfer cam motion to the engine's valves. The tappet, also known as a lifter, is a small cylinder that rides on the camshaft and connects to the pushrod or rocker arm. As the camshaft rotates, it pushes up on the tappet, which then opens the valve. This cycle repeats thousands of times per minute in a running engine. Valve tappets are critical components for controlling valve timing and ensuring proper engine performance. The part number 3947759 refers to a specific type of valve tappet used in certain models of trucks or other vehicles.
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