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Cummins Valve Spring Retainer 3943198

Cummins Valve Spring Retainer 3943198


6L QSL9.3 L9.3 6L ISLe L360 QSL8.9 diesel engine parts valve spring retainer 3943198
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Product Introduction

A valve spring retainer is a small but essential component of an engine's valvetrain system. The part number 3943198 refers specifically to a retainer designed for use in trucks. The purpose of the valve spring retainer is to hold the valve springs in place, ensuring that they exert the proper amount of force on the valves. This helps to ensure that the valves open and close at precisely the right time, maximizing engine performance and efficiency. In addition to its functional role, the 3943198 retainer is also designed to withstand high levels of stress and heat, making it a durable and long-lasting component for heavy-duty truck engines.
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